Brand strategy, targeted messaging, and persuasive copy.

Igniting emotions and sparking action with words and stories.

Hi, I’m Rebecca. I help people, projects, and products get noticed.

Ever since the first time I encountered Marketing with a capital M, I’ve been hooked on how creative use of language and design expression help companies get things done.

But it didn’t happen overnight – it’s taken me half of my professional life to even come close to getting it right.

In fact, it took a “street MBA” in several failed ventures — and a baptism-by-fire job at a branding agency —  to set me on the path as a copywriter.

Now, I’m having an absolute blast honing my marketing and copywriting chops on all kinds of interesting projects and collaborating with fascinating people.

If you’re working on something special and are ready to level up, we should definitely talk. I’d love to know what you’re incubating.

Do. This. Next.

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