Brand Books:
a Spirit Guide to ::You::

Tell your story, get it written, and empower your people to know WTF to talk about.

If the way your team is articulating your brand is more like a game of Telephone than rock-solid Brand Strategy, you have a problem.

Get everyone on board with a half-day in-person workshop and hash out the tough stuff on how to market yourself. I write it all out in a lovely storyboard and give you the marketing baselines you need to stay consistent.

Shut up and take my money. Email Rebecca to get in the queue.

Take guesswork out of the equation.

Crystal balls are great for carnivals, but in real life, we have to rely on the written word to share vision. Get it all out of your head and into consensus. A brand book puts it all onto paper.

Another asset in your arsenal.

Sell people on the idea of your brand and how you solve problems for your customers with a paint-by-numbers playbook. (The Brand Book covers the marketing part of your business. If you want to include Operations, you should know about Momentum Shift.)

Onboard? Onbrand.

New employees, valued partners, and service providers get instant access to the inner workings of your brand. Getting folks acclimated to company culture is easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy with a brand book.

Write down the recipe.

Don’t keep the ingredient ratios and mixing instructions under lock and key! Make sure everyone on the team has access to the kind of things we’ll catalog in the Brand Book: positioning statement, core values, personas, and more. Think of it as your spirit guide to what-makes-you-tick.

Hold-in-your-Hands Booklet

This ain’t your grandma’s Training Manual. This narrative-heavy picture book serves as a comprehensive overview of your brand messaging and marketing foundations. Engaging and non-drowsy – guaranteed!

Bake it in the foundation.

There’s only one thing that can get you “in the zone” day after day. And that is relentless consistency. Everyone has to be on the same page regarding what y’all are all about. Give them an easy-to-digest booklet that lays it all out in an easy-to-read narrative and fabulous imagery.

Shut up and take my money.

Email Rebecca to get in the queue or ask to see a sample.