Build a brand book

Give them a reason to believe.

Your spirit guide to ::Your Name Here::

Go deep on your industry position, ID your most bestest customer, and articulate your uniqueness.

A Brand Book is a tangible thing, fully branded, and loaded with pictures and valuable information about your company culture and the way you do things.

Use it as an HR tool to immerse your staff, contractors, and consultants in your special sauce and what makes your organization one-of-a-kind. Think of it as the mothership employee manual. Core values, market synopsis, operations, team building stuff: it’s ALL in there.

Use it as marketing tool to keep content consistent and on-brand. Deep insight about your brand gives your team the tools they need to be more than assembly line drones, it gives them the connections and understanding to become full-blown brand ambassadors.

Use it for service providers, a Brand Book becomes a blueprint for producing pitch perfect results.

Use it as a succession tool should you decide to sell your business or step-down from the day to day operations. A concrete piece to pass on for the next phase of your brand.

Brand books start at $2500 and take 6-8 weeks to produce.

Rebecca at the chart
Brandbook session 1