Social Profile Makeovers: LinkedIn

How to bring your personal brand to life on LinkedIn in
three weeks or less.*

Pack your profile with personality & pizazz. Stop using LinkedIn like an online resume. 

Harness the power of this dynamic platform and transform the way you network in the digital landscape. Bring your profile to life with thoughtful strategy and A+ copywriting with Branded LinkedIn Profile Makeovers from Rebecca Gunter.

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* Even if you don’t know where to start.

Give ‘em a reason to stick around.

More and more, people who mean business are tapping into LinkedIn. For serious networkers, a run-of-the-mill and anemic profile is easy to dismiss. Keep them interested beyond the connect.

Position yourself.

No one has a linear career path anymore. We take things we love doing and force multiply it. But how do you wrap your head around just how all of those individual experiences have shaped the professional person you are today? Bring it all into focus with a Positioning Statement.

Get unstuck from resume speak.

Uh. Enough already. What does it even mean? Professional copywriting gives your profile a conversational tone that people can relate to. Tell your story through the structure of narrative and darn good writing.

Make it shine.

Infuse an engaging account of your work history with targeted keywords. (We won’t lose a drop of that sweet, sweet Google Search magic.) Lean-in on lessons learned from the world of marketing and branding to help your profile do its job.

Get a pro.

Get ready for a serious brain dump. We’re going to survey, interview, and research the heck out of you until we we get to the heart of how and why you do what you do. We’ll uncover keywords, lay out your career path, and highlight what’s really important to you. 

Paint a clearer picture.

LinkedIn isn’t a virtual CV — don’t treat it like one. People need a story they can can wrap their heads around.