Professional Speaker Ready To Hang Out Her Own Shingle

Colleen Pelar had a problem. After spending over 25 years studying and teaching human and canine behavior (we’re not so different, you know), Colleen had made a great leap into the next iteration of her professional life, leading teams of career-driven people in the art of behavior change. Based on her research and hands on-experience in training, Colleen had identified and honed several tried-and-true strategies to teach old “dogs” new tricks. She soon developed some solid cornerstone programs. It wasn’t long before she was quickly snapped up  to be a star presenter for a leading Seminar Company. She workshopped Behavior Change to leadership teams and top performers at companies with household names. (Think AT&T, DOJ/DEA/DOL, Ernst & Young, Pandora, ……and the MF’n Executive Office of the President, Office of Administration SNAP!)

With practice, know-how, empathy, and insight in her professional toolkit, Colleen was ready to hang out her own shingle. Her problem? Shedding the safety net of working for the Seminar Company wasn’t going to  be easy.

Enter Rebecca (that’s me!)

  • In Strategy Sessions we worked through the tough stuff of Bite Sized Branding. (Don’t know what that is? Oh, you should TOTALLY check that out. You’re welcome. #brandedconfidence.) We got hyper focused on who is at the center of Colleen’s bullseye (HR Directors), and what she’s all about (Behavior Modification). We got clear on what she delivers (workshops, seminars, and keynotes). And then we gave her special sauce a name: Making Change Stick.
  • In Grows & Glows, I showed Colleen an overview of her biggest strengths, most pressing challenges, and most importantly, what to do about them.
  • Colleen’s 6-month Marketing Plan plotted out the steps we would take in to reach goals, fill pipelines, and get hired (rinse and repeat).
  • The Website Revamp got a serious overhaul. By using the language and messaging we uncovered in Strategy Sessions, it was easy to create some crazy-compelling Branded Copy for her online presence.

Stay tuned with Colleen to watch all of this marketing prowess in action. Colleen has the perfect blend of Mayberry + Moxie to make a tremendous impact on hard-working, like-minded, go-getters ready to invest in their companies, one employee at a time.

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